Digital Media Creative

Hyper Island enables companies and individuals to develop, grow and rise to the challenges of tomorrow’s transformative technology.  Led by industry heavyweights from around the globe, Digital Media Creative program is an “action learning”program designed to foster talents that will meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Included in the program:

Principles of group development, team behaviour and leadership styles.
User behaviour and research methods to study these.
Current global and emerging trends impacting the digital industry from a technological, business and sociocultural anthropological perspective.
Legal and ethical issues as well as societal norms related to the digital industry.
Develop a digital business concept.
Employ appropiate research methods to analyse markets.
Analytically assess digital solutions in order to optimise their implementation.
Analyse a client and surrounding factors to form informed decisions and recommendations.
Develop marketing concepts that integrates across relevant platforms and channels.
Source, manipulate, analyse and visually represent data.
Produce and document project deliverables and relevant documentations.
Apply a cross discplinary understanding of technology, design and business for the formation of relevant strategies.
Design digital solutions.
Develop digital solutions.
Perform effective presentation and documentation.
Analyse an organisation´s culture and procedures.
Collaborate as an effective team member and leader.
Work methodically and flexible in work processes.
Manage a project in terms of time, resources and requirements.
Work creatively to develop relevant projects.
Manage client and stakeholder relations and expectations.
Manage own learning needs for continuing professional development: