As a service designer I work with design methods such as Design Thinking, Jobs to be done and Value Proposition design.

I enjoy design and facilitate workshops, design studios, design sprints, design thinking sessions, a lightning decision jam, bringing people together to enable better things to happen. I love to learn and practice more system thinking and circular design.

In the end, all we do is trying to solve our customers problems to be relevant and provide value. I start in the customer’s needs and combine the perspectives of business, design and technology.

Now I am really curious about the opportunities to collaborate with data scientist to get the best out of qualitative and quantitative data and create a lot of invisibility in services.

Its a gift to be able to merge earlier interests in humans, storytelling and technologies and trends and dedicate to grow in the role as a service designer. Life is a learning journey we best do together.

I live to learn and explore, to identify problems and new opportunities. Thats why I did History Hack together with the Museum of Trelleborg 2016.