Design & co-create future opportunities

Ellen, a digital media creative drives digital projects and processes forward. She identifies the needs, problem areas of people, and explores paths to turn challenges into opportunities and solutions in collaboration with diverse interdisciplinary teams.

Ellen has a team-oriented collaborative approach yet independent. She is highly appreciated for her ability to make things happen as well as drive design and process understanding.

Ellen develops customer-centric products and services that deliver value. Her expertise lies in utilizing mindsets and use service design tools and processes to develop concepts and strategies and with customer insights design relevant customer-centric digital services.

Ellen has experience is methods such as design thinking, jobs to be done, value proposition design, mission statement, MVP and Business Model Canvas. She use Personas, Customer Journeys and Agile work methods and have a big interest in trends and technologies.

Ellen has a previous background in communication, events and education and has worked in different industries such as IT-startup, IT/Telecom, and governmental. Over the years she built experience taking on challenges and contributed to change and digital transformation of organisations since 2007.

Ellen currently is employed as a service designer at Handelsbanken, researching, designing and facilitating learning experiences and innovation processes that meet business goals and delivers value for customers.

CV as pdf.